To be recognized as a preeminent community vehicle for the cultural, social, spiritual and economic re-integration of African-Americans and other people of African descent returning from the Diaspora into Ghanaian society.

The Association is a non-political, non-sectarian organization with the following objectives to:


1.            Create a positive image of African Americans in Ghana and in the Diaspora.

2.            Promote the reintegration of African Americans into African culture and society.

3.            Encourage respect for basic civil and human rights of all Africans.

4.            Promote universal spirituality within the organization.

5.            Promote and honor the positive values that evolved from the African American experience in the United States.

6.            Encourage transparency and goodwill in all dealings within and outside the African American community especially as it concerns business of the organization and interaction with one another.

7.            Embrace Pan Africanism – broadly defined to enhance interaction that mutually benefits one another. 

8.             Educate Ghanaians about African Americans and the African American experience.

AAAG Membership is open to

* Americans of African descent i.e. by virtue of birth (in the USA, its territories, and possessions) and African-American parentage (one or both parents) and naturalization.

* All persons of African descent residing in Ghana.

* Individuals residing outside of Ghana who fulfill the above categories.

You may become a Supporter if you are any individual or group endorsing the aims and objectives of the AAAG and wish to financially support our program.

For more information on the African-American Association of Ghana, email us at

[email protected] or join us at AAAG on Facebook


International Membership payment options will be available soon.